Government IT Support

Having laser fast, reliable, and secure access to the large amounts of data you work with day to day is crucial for work.

More than just providing helpdesk support and ensuring the network is up and running, you need a team that would proactively ensure the security of the vital data in your custody at all times.

CMIT Solutions has helped several local counties and other government-owned agencies with their IT service, and our experience can help your office too.

Proactive Government Tech Support

We stay ahead of problems so that you are never caught unawares. Our solutions ensure that your systems can backup and secure your data 24/7. With our expertise, we secure your entire network, protecting you from cybersecurity threats in real-time.

In addition to that, we also monitor the state of your IT infrastructure, dealing with issues before there's a cause for alarm.

Our managed IT support plans also make annual budgeting easy for government agencies. At the fraction of the cost of an additional level 1 hire, we provide you with a dedicated team of experts that are always available to you.